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Newsletter 12/2022

Overview on EuroWindoor’s activities 1. EuroWindoor welcomes to the conference “Daylight by EuroWindoor” on the 21st September 2022 at the glasstec in Dusseldorf 2. EuroWindoor

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Newsletter 08/2022

Start of the International Year of Glass 2022 As announced in May last year, the UN declared the year 2022 as the International Year of

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Newsletter 12/2021

Overview on EuroWindoor’s activities 1. New Studies show no alternatives to propiconazole – CEI-Bois, EuroWindoor and SBS call for a renewal of the approval of

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Newsletter 08/2021

Overview on EuroWindoor’s activities 1. EuroWindoor welcomes AMFT from Austria as a new member association 2. Upcoming approval end date of propiconazole: a safe transition

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Newsletter 12/2019

EuroWindoor fights for harmonisation of internal fire doors EuroWindoor together with EDSF – European Door & Shutter Federation and SBS – Small Business Standards pointed

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