EuroWindoor feedback on EU-CDW-EoW-Survey (August 2023)

The European Commission is considering to establish European end-ofwaste
criteria for construction and demolition waste. To develop a
priority list of construction and demolition waste streams for which endof-
waste criteria can be established, we would like to get your feedback
in your field of expertise. In general, more information about a waste
stream will allow us to create more precise and practical priority lists.
End-of-waste criteria are all the requirements that have to be fulfilled by a material derived
from waste, and which ensure that the quality of the material is such that that material will not
be discarded and its use is not detrimental for human health and the environment. The
concept of end-of-waste criteria implies that the waste material has reached a stage of
processing whereby it has an intrinsic value, so it is unlikely to be discarded and has been
processed to a point at which its use does not represent a risk to the environment.


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