Start with the Window to make the Renovation Wave a success

Brussel, May 2023 – The Renovation Wave is in full swing to tackle the issues of rising emissions and energy poverty. The aim is to double the renovation rate in order to save energy in buildings. Windows are a key part for the success of the Renovation Wave. To remind homeowners and politicians EuroWindoor has summarized the most important reasons to #startwiththewindow.

#startwiththewindow – It saves energy.

There aren’t many construction products which improved this much in the last decades: Modern windows are 2-3x more energy efficient than windows pre 1995. This is why new windows raise the Efficiency Rating of a building. And amortise through saved heating cost within a few years

#startwiththewindow – It’s less hassle.

Changing a window with modern minimal invasive methods is done quickly. It often even does not necessarily need bricklayers, scaffolders, painters but only one trade: window installers. They can replace windows without dirt, noise and damage of the existing building structure and anyone to move out. And they install at plannable costs at a fraction of the conventional installation effort.

#startwiththewindow – It’s a multi-upgrade.

Additional to lower energy consumption new windows can bring a lot of significant benefits that raise every buildings value, e.g. they can reduce noise, profit from solar gains, keep the temperature comfortable, optimize ventilation, improve burglar resistance, allow better accessibility and are an aesthetic update.

#startwiththewindow – It’s a green key item.

New windows provide significant upgrade for every building with limited material input. Window manufacturers in Europe work steadily to improve new windows’ recyclability and CO2 footprint. Therefore, window replacements set forward for a decarbonization of EU buildings and industry.

You can download the One Pager #startwiththewindow here.

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