Start of the International Year of Glass 2022

As announced in May last year, the UN declared the year 2022 as the International Year of Glass (IYOG). With this, numerous events around the world will take place to celebrate all forms and aspects of glass.

Starting the celebrations will the opening ceremony from February 10th to 11th at the Palace of Nations in Geneva. Numerous internationally recognized speakers will attend as well as political figures and members of the glass sector. Additionally, the event will be streamed live via UN Web TV for those who are unable to attend the ceremony in person. The focus will be on the latest scientific and technical advancements of glass and on the historic and artistic significance.

Today, glass has become an integral part of our cityscapes and modern architecture is unimaginable without it. As a transparent building material, it is preferably used for windows. Glass enables solar gains to save heating energy and ensures healthy living by the use of daylight.

The opening ceremony will mark the beginning of fairs and events around the IYOG in 2022. From Italy to China, showcases around the world will display the vital role glass has in today’s society.

The Düsseldorf fair Glasstec, 20th-23rd September 2022, is a part of the IYOG as well. EuroWindoor is organizing the conference “Daylight by EuroWindoor” with renowned speakers during the Glasstec. Ending will the IYOG with a closing ceremony in Japan in December.

For further information please see the website of IYOG Opening Ceremony and Glasstec 2022.

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