Online workshop on Sustainable Wood Protection & Availability of Essential Tools on 24th May 2022

EuroWindoor organised together with CEI-Bois and SBS an online workshop on Sustainable Wood Protection & Availability of Essential Tools – Perspective of end-users on the EU renewal of Propiconazole (PT-8) to raise awareness among the authorities on the pending renewal of propiconazole and the consequences of a ban for the woodworking industry. This is highly relevant for EuroWindoor as timber window and door frames would be affected by a ban as well.

The webinar will be on Tuesday, 24th May (15.00 – 17.00 CEST) to hear the views of technical institutes, universities, institutional experts & end-users to gain knowledge around the value chain of Propiconazole, within the broader context of a holistic and sustainable approach to European wood protection.

The webinar is going to give an overview on the importance of the European wood preservation segment towards reaching the goals set within the EU Sustainability Goals as well as giving an outline the value chain from the forest to the wood preservatives supplier.

During the webinar the results of 4 studies conducted in 9 EU countries in from 2020-2021 will be presented to show the lack of suitable alternatives.

Lastly the event will conclude with a round table addressing key complementary topical issues within the wood preservation segment and the position of Propiconazole. Participation is free of charge.

For more information view Save the Date flyer & Programme Overview.

For registration at the EPPA SA/NV consultancy please click here.

We look forward seeing you in the webinar!

For further information please see:

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