International Active House Symposium

After a long time of no physical meetings the Active House Alliance will have a Symposium on the 13th April in Rotterdam, organised by the Active House Alliance Netherlands. As a member of the Active House Alliance EuroWindoor is excited to see the return of face-to-face meetings.

The topic will be “How can we renovate in a circular and affordable manner with health, comfort and the resident in mind?”. The International Active House Symposium will demonstrate how to build affordable, healthy buildings focused on the resident. For EuroWindoor this is an important topic as it advocates to define and secure Healthy Indoor Climate in the legislative processes like the Energy Performance Directive of Buildings (EPBD), so people in the European Union live in healthy homes.

For property owners this event might be interesting to learn more about on how to provide a healthy, safe and future-proof neighbourhoods and residences. Visitors can learn about the importance of daylight in their homes. In addition to that the Active House Award winners will be announced and the revamped Active House Specification will be unveiled. A wide variety of topics will provide the frame of this event.

More than 100 guests are expected to attend. If you want to take the chance to learn more about the Active House Alliance or to network, consider visiting the eights international Active House Symposium on the 13th April 2022 at De Doelen, Rotterdam. For more information on where to purchase a ticket (online and for the physical meeting) please visit the website for the International Active House Symposium.

For further information please see:

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