BluePoint Building by invitation of AGORIA. The EuroWindoor Directing Council Meeting took place here.

EuroWindoor’s Directing Council meeting highlights developments in Brussels

Frankfurt, November 2023 — EuroWindoor recently held its Directing Council in Brussels, hosted by member AGORIA on 14 November 2023. During the meeting, EuroWindoor members delved into various topics, providing a comprehensive overview of the progress made since it´s last gathering in June 2023.

A key focus of discussion was the recruitment of new members, underlining EuroWindoor’s commitment to expanding its network and fostering broader industry collaboration. Associations and companies interested in engaging with EuroWindoor are encouraged to reach out for more information or consider joining the upcoming Directing Council meeting scheduled for March.

Significant points of discussion included updates on the recast of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and the intensive efforts in the Technical Acquis Process. Positive developments were also reported regarding the outcome of the derogation in the Biocide Product Regulation for Propiconazole, with a detailed announcement to follow soon here.

The meeting concluded on a high note, characterized by productivity and positivity, showcasing EuroWindoor’s dedication to driving advancements within the fenestration industry.

Press Contact:
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EuroWindoor General Secretariat
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