EuroWindoors answers the consultation on the review of EPBD

On 17th June 2021 EuroWindoor answered the European Commission`s consultation on the revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). EuroWindoor took this opportunity to give input as a representative of the European window, door façade sector.

Four main topics dominated consultation to whom EuroWindoor shared its view. On the topic of Decarbonization and Life-Cycle-Analysis (LCA) EuroWindoor supports the idea that the EPBD should include a concept achieving carbon neutrality in the long term by considering greenhouse gas emissions covering the whole life-cycle of buildings. Focus should be on a clear, understandable, comprehensible and realizable definition of zero buildings for market players and be the target standard for new buildings.

A tool to overlook the progress of the member states in order to reach the goal for 2050 is the Long-Term Renovation Strategies (LTRS) as the member states have to report on the progress, concrete policy measures and other matters. Under the current legal frameworks, the LTRS undergo a review every 10 years. EuroWindoor prefers a change to every 3 years to make sure that marks are hit and adjustments can be made. To make the process of analysing data easier a tool developed by the Commission and a common template for every member state would help.

New in the revision is the question if the EPBD should introduce “Minimum Energy Performance Standards” (MAPs) for the EU. EuroWindoor supports this project under the condition that MAPs should be economical sensible, introduced with intermediate steps and a long lead time. An important factor is the financing aspect to support homeowners in reaching the zero-emission house standard. Subsidies, easier access to loans and a long financing plan would be the means of the choice and necessary.

Lastly the Energy Performance Certificate (EPCs) as an instrument to inform the building owners, tenants and users about the cost of heating and cooling. EuroWindoor favours the idea of a harmonized certificate across the EU, but national specifications should remain to take climate specifics into account. The introduction of the EPCs for private buildings should be mandatory but gradually so homeowners can prepare ahead of time.

EuroWindoors answers the consultation on the review of EPBD

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