EuroWindoor reflects on a productive year 2023 and wishes happy holidays

Frankfurt, December 2023 – As we bid farewell to 2023, EuroWindoor takes a moment to reflect on the milestones achieved in the year. Amidst the ongoing global challenges, EuroWindoor continued its commitment to actively contribute to crucial discussions and initiatives that shape the future of the window and door sector.

A notable highlight of 2023 is the success with the renewal of the approval for Propiconazole, an active substance in wood preservatives required for wooden windows and doors. EuroWindoor’s active engagement helped securing the substance’s continued use until November 2030 providing the industry time to explore alternative solutions.

The intense active involvement of EuroWindoor in the Technical Acquis process of the CPR is an example for our dedication to ensure useful standards for the market. Simultaneously, EuroWindoor advocates that the market is not overregulated and the industry not overburdened.

There were many topics EuroWindoor provided input like the Taxonomy Climate Delegated Act, the restriction proposal for the use of PFAS and the proposal for the exemption for cadmium and lead in plastic profiles in electrical and electronic windows and doors containing recovered rigid PVC.

EuroWindoor is closely observing many legislative processes and is anticipating the final version of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.

Looking ahead to 2024, EuroWindoor remains dedicated to providing valuable insights, participating in essential consultations and collaborating with key stakeholders. Warm holiday wishes to all EuroWindoor members, partners, friends and stakeholders. Here’s to a new year filled with growth, opportunities, and collective achievements. Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

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