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EuroWindoor recommends measures for Unlocking Private Investment in Energy Efficiency

Frankfurt, February – EuroWindoor appreciates the Commission initiative for unlocking private investment in Energy Efficiency and emphasizes the need for a balanced adjustment of political instruments, especially within the building sector, advocating for predictable alignment with long-term frameworks for grants, financial incentives, and market-based measures like CO2 emissions pricing.

The EuroWindoor feedback on Call for Evidence for Unlocking Private Investment in Energy Efficiency highlights the insufficiency of current funding measures to mobilize private investment, citing Europe’s alarmingly low renovation rate. Strongly supporting a significant increase of subsidy for renovation costs or tax incentives, the association proposes a 30-40% range for energy-efficient renovations to incentivize private owners effectively.

The feedback stresses also the importance of stability of subsidy programmes in the construction sector, noting the negative impact of low continuity. EuroWindoor proposes measures, including special tax write-offs, low-interest government loans, and attractive subsidies.

Additionally, EuroWindoor emphasizes preventing the passing on of state-subsidized renovation costs to renters and recommends a simplified subsidy processing system. EuroWindoor proposes an information campaign to highlight the energy and health benefits of energy-efficient buildings.
The feedback underscores the critical role of enhanced policies and funding mechanisms in promoting energy efficiency in the building sector, aligning with broader EU goals for sustainable construction practices.

The EuroWindoor feedback on the Call for Evidence for Unlocking Private Investment in Energy Efficiency here.

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