EuroWindoor looks back on a busy first half of 2023

Frankfurt, 11. August 2023 – EuroWindoor reflects on a productive and dynamic first half of 2023 marked by extensive engagements. EuroWindoor has been significantly involved in the work of the CPR Technical Acquis for windows and doors as well as the development of the revision of EPBD and renewal of the approval of Propiconazole.

EuroWindoor helped in the CPR Technical Acquis process to clarify definitions and essential characteristics for future harmonised product standards of windows and doors. Another important topic was the feedback to the new product priorities under the Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation (ESPR) where EuroWindoor underlined the importance to accelerate data availability throughout the value chains. EuroWindoor assisted ECHA and the Standing Committee for Biocidal Products with technical background and studies for the use of Propiconazole. A special highlight was a European Window Stakeholder meeting with the European Commission DG Energy explaining the concerns of the window sector on the development of Green Public Procurement, Taxonomy and the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.

EuroWindoor operates within a dynamic framework that succeeds on the engagement of its members to prepare meaningful input for European authorities. The members meet in the Directing Council on regular basis to exchange opinions and for the decision-making but the main work is done in several ad hoc groups composed of experts from different countries. This year, experts met so far 10 times in the ad hoc groups “Energy,” “Digital Data/BIM,” and “CPR” to prepare proposals for adoption of the EuroWindoor members. In addition, EuroWindoor collaborates with other European Window Stakeholder to promote dialogue and knowledge exchange within the sector.

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