EuroWindoor feedback to the Impact Assessments on Revision of EPBD: Windows for healthier buildings

EuroWindoor acknowledge the necessity to revise the EPBD to deliver on the Renovation Wave / Green Deal objectives and gave feedback to the consultation of the European Commission.

In light of the European ambitions to achieve 55% net emissions reduction by 2030 and become climate neutral by 2050, EuroWindoor fully support Option 3 as described in the Inception Impact Assessment. Particularly given that energy renovation of buildings has been identified as a key European flagship for national recovery plans, we should make sure to invest in measures which lead to energy efficient and sustainable buildings.

The renovation rate has to be increased by mandatory Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) for all building types, an improved framework for Energy Performance Certificates and stricter requirements for all Public Buildings. EuroWindoor suggest as well to focus more on minimum requirements for Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) by addressing health and comfort (Daylight, Air Quality, Summer Comfort…) and embodied CO2 emissions of building materials should be considered. Over all free solar gains through a building’s envelope (Energy Balance) should be factored in by Member States as the appropriate product criterion in national regulations on building modernization.

EuroWindoor feedback Inception Impact Assessments on Revision of EPBD (March 2021)

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