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EuroWindoor feedback on the European Standardisation Regulation

Frankfurt, July 2024 – EuroWindoor supports Regulation 1025/2012/EU in a public evaluation noting no need for changes are necessary. Current problems in the systems like the backlog in harmonised European Standards (hENs) are linked to issues between European Standardisation Organisations (ESOs) and the European Commission (EC), not the Regulation itself.

The CPR Acquis process has helped mitigate these issues, but EuroWindoor pin points the need for stable templates and agreed timelines for all stakeholders. Frequent changes in guidance and templates, especially for product standards of construction products, cause delays and require additional time for modifications.

EuroWindoor advocates for ample time for standardisation committees to develop high-quality standards by consensus and suggest saving time in formal processes like translation and voting. The EOTA route ensures timely market entry for innovative construction products.

Overall, EuroWindoor believes Regulation 1025/2012 has generally no need to change. The main challenges and problems related to developing in a timely manner harmonized standards for construction products will be solved via the new CPR.

For more information on the complete EuroWindoor feedback click here.

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