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EuroWindoor clarifies questions about the new CPR with DG GROW

On 21st June 2024, EuroWindoor held a productive meeting with representatives of DG GROW going through a list of questions regarding the implementation of the new Construction Products Regulation (CPR). The new regulation contains numerous changes and new challenges that manufacturers will have to understand, enabling them to comply in the future.

Due to the great importance of the regulation for the construction industry, EuroWindoor started the process at an early stage, even though the publication of the CPR is expected not before Autumn 2024. Many of the questions are important for the necessary adaptation in a practical manner of product standards, which need to be published first before the new rules enter into force in a few years’ time.

The meeting was highly fruitful, providing much-needed clarity on several issues for both parties involved. EuroWindoor emphasized its commitment to staying in contact with the European Commission and offered its expertise for any future consultations and discussions that are to be expected on the long road ahead of us.

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