EuroWindoor AISBL published the position paper „The benefits of windows and glazed areas“ and the Infographic “Windows for healthier buildings” as a contribution to the revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD)

Frankfurt am Main, April 26th, 2016. EuroWindoor AISBL as a strong supporter of the EPBD favours constructive improvements that will strengthen the EPBD’s contribution to the EU’s energy and climate goals. The energy, health and comfort benefits of windows should be further included and implemented in the revised Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.

EuroWindoor AISBLs comprehensive reply to the Commission’s consultation on the review of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (October 2015) EuroWindoor highlighted how windows are contributing to the overall energy performance of buildings and to the general comfort and well-being of people living and working in these buildings. In order to better harvest these opportunities EuroWindoor considers that the revision of the EPBD is an opportunity to better recognise the crucial role windows play in terms of daylight, indoor climate and energy efficiency.
When revising the EPBD, the following key points should therefore be further included:
1. Stimulation of the renovation rate of European buildings by acknowledging the importance of non-energy aspects as driving renovation:
The rate of building renovation is too low:  below 1.2% per year! Triggering renovations in Europe is key in obtaining large energy use reductions in our buildings, and the replacement of windows plays a crucialrole in achieving this goal.

2. Focus on daylight, indoor climate aspects and a dynamic building envelope to ensure that European citizens live and work in healthier buildings:
A study from Fraunhofer (IBP) 2015, states that around 80 million Europeans live in damp or unhealthy buildings, which has a great impact of the health and well-being.

3. Assessment of the energy performance of windows based on the energy balance approach to be defined in the specific heating and cooling climatic conditions:
Why only regulating one part of a window’s function while leaving the contributing part of solar gain out? In addition to their insulation properties, windows provide free solar heat gains to buildings.
Download of position paper „The benefits of windows and glazed areas“ Download of the Infographic “Windows for healthier buildings” [more information about EPBD and translations of the documents in the section "Energy Performance of Buildings" of the activitity "Energy Efficiency"]

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