EuroWindoor advocates for more clarity and a better alignment in the PFAS restriction proposal

EuroWindoor advocates for more clarity and a better alignment in the PFAS restriction proposal

Frankfurt, September 2023 – EuroWindoor provided specific feedback for the window sector to the proposed restriction on per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). The feedback points out that the identification process of PFAS in the supply chain of windows, doors and curtain walling causes serious challenges due to the very large number of different components and materials to check as well as the complete absence of information in the supply chain from upstream suppliers.

EuroWindoor highlights three critical challenges that need to be addressed to ensure a workable transition. First, the broad scope of the regulation covering all PFAS simultaneously necessitates an identification period to inform downstream industries through the value chain. Second, complex products like windows, doors and curtain walling require a longer transition period, making a time-limited derogation essential. Lastly, to ensure the repairability of existing products and maintain stocks of spare parts, EuroWindoor recommends excluding these from the scope of the restriction.

EuroWindoor continues to advocate for regulatory clarity and alignment, addressing these challenges to support the window and door industry’s transition toward PFAS-free solutions while maintaining compliance and product quality. Stakeholders are encouraged to participate in the ongoing consultation on the PFAS restriction proposal to ensure a well-balanced and practical approach.

The EuroWindoor feedback to the public consultation on ECHA’s restriction proposal of PFAS can be found here.

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