Active House 10-year anniversary – a fruitful partnership with EuroWindoor

Frankfurt, 21. October 2021- Comfort, energy and environment – those are the elements of the holistic approach the members of the Active House Alliance are striving for when designing buildings. This strategy was and still is revolutionary and slowly becomes a standard in many countries around the world. EuroWindoor is glad to be a supporter of this vision for many years and helps to implement these elements during the political decision-making process.

Mr. Hauk, Vice-President EuroWindoor and member of the Board of Directors of Active House Alliance, looks back on 10 years Active House: “Against all odds and many astonishing reactions to the idea of Active House many international alliances were founded to bring the people in the centre of attention when designing sustainable buildings.” 10 years ago the focus was on energy efficiency, so comfort aspects, like daylight, or even environmental aspects were not as important. Many people did not believe that it was possible to combine comfort aspects, sustainability and energy efficiency into one building. The Active House Alliance proved them otherwise and continues to do so all over the world.  Alliances from Canada, to Germany, Ukraine and China have been founded. This year Alliances in Bulgaria and USA have been founded as well.

One of the biggest accomplishes is the implementation of comfort aspects in the newly revised Energy Efficiency Directive of the European Commission. Currently the directive is still in the revision process, but EuroWindoor is monitoring it closely and encourages the political decision makers to focus more on the importance of indoor climate.
Covid-19 forces many people to stay more indoors which brought comfort aspects more to the attention of politicians. This topic became very important as many governments began to acknowledge the significance of daylight, natural ventilation etc. to keep buildings occupants healthy.

A topic that is very important to the Active House approach and EuroWindoor is the realistic use of energy by the occupants to measure energy efficiency. Often times model numbers are used when calculating the energy efficiency of buildings. Those results are off as soon as the occupants behave differently from the model. The Active House Alliance and EuroWindoor are aware of this problem and constantly measures the energy efficiency of their buildings after people start using or living in the buildings. This shows everyone involved in the creation of the building were to mend the architect of the building and helps to improve future projects.

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