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EuroWindoor published the Position on the Review of CPR

EuroWindoor as a strong supporter of the principles of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) has been actively contributing to the review process of the CPR by submitting improvement proposals during each public consultation and active participation to the technical platform meetings.

EuroWindoor highlights that the effective enforcement and observation of the regulation will only be enabled through:

  1. Competent Notified Bodies and a well-functioning market surveillance securing a level playing field
  2. A streamlined process for the development, the revision and the citation of hENs

Ensuring a proper legal framework for the Union Market remains vital to ensure strong competitiveness of the European industry and a broad enforcement throughout Europe.
EuroWindoor supports a smooth development of the CPR described as “Option I” (guidance or “soft law”) or “Sub-option II.A” (Limited revision tackling explicitly identified issues) in the Impact Assessment Study (2018-11-28).

EuroWindoor Position on Review of CPR 1911

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